There are many traditions behind the reason why brides wear a veil on their wedding day. Wearing a veil was thought to hide a bride from any evil spirits and keep her safe. In the case of arranged marriages, a veil was used to prevent a bride from seeing where she was going so to stop her from being able to run away.

These days a veil is worn to finish off a brides wedding day look perfectly. Whether you choose a long, simple veil, a lace mantilla veil or perhaps a veil covered in pearls and/or crystals, there is the perfect veil for every dress.

Our veils are custom made which means you can choose whatever length you like with whatever edging and detail you wish. We use a soft, sheer English tulle which not only feels lovely to touch but allows the detail of your gown to be seen by all of your guests.

Hear From Our Happy Brides
I was very nervous at first as I only had a couple weeks till I leave for NZ and was afraid my dress would not be ready in time. Kathy gave me a date of 30th November (only 2 weeks) and it was finished!!! I had also purchased my dress from a different bridal store so I am extremely grateful they are able to purchase dresses purchased elsewhere.

Kathy and Maria were so lovely and I highly recommend coming here to try/purchase/alter a wedding dress. I wish I knew about this store when I started looking for a wedding dress!

Belinda T